Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Advice for Green Crew

Day eight. 

Advice for Green Crew

Tell your daughter you love her
so many times she’ll remember.
Tell your mother, too.

Watch the sun rise over the ocean.
Notice how slow it happens,
how much is packed into

the hour before dawn. Do it
repeatedly, until you truly
understand what daybreak means.

Call home. Often. Even when you’re so
tired you can’t think of anything
to say. Breathe into the phone so

we’ll know you’re there. On the boat, 
hold on. Keep a firm, conscious grip on 
the lifeline– never trust the sea to be gentle.

Log each day with your heart first,
then camera, pen, head. You will only feel
like this once. Write letters to your daughter, 

so she’ll know what this meant to you– why 
you left. Mail them when you reach port. Make 
sure whoever gets them knows to save them

for when she’s old enough.

1 comment:

Rob Seitz said...

Nice work Pat, I like the father, father, daughter theme and I think you nailed it!