Monday, June 3, 2013

Sperm and egg? A shorter day three of Pat's Poetry month.


Is almost here.
The light lingers deep
in these northern woods,
as if moonlight itself
weren’t enough this time of year.

We know the science – how the angle
or attitude presented toward the sun
allows more light and heat
to penetrate our atmosphere –
not unlike sperm penetrating an egg.

It’s the religion that intrigues
and mystifies – stone circles
placed in line with sunrise or set,
a capstone pointed at the spot
the sun rises on a given day:

Solstice. A touch of the old world, then –
we dance and hold our breath
hoping we can reach back into
our own beginnings with this ritual
at the expense of a goat, virgin, child.

We chant, sacrifice,
fall to our knees and pray
to know the secret.
The sun flares and burns on,
illuminating the night sky ‘til dawn.

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