Sunday, August 24, 2014

The FisherPoets Anthology is a Reality. And it's for sale!

The Fisherpoets Anthology: Anchored in Deep Water, is a seven-book set of work by writers, poets and songwriters who have performed at the annual Fisherpoets Gathering in Astoria, Oregon, edited by fisherpoet Patrick Dixon. Over 40 writers from the USA, Canada and Japan are represented, with seven interviews of the fishermen and women engaged in commercial fishing along the coasts of the North American continent. Covers of the books are shown above, designed by the award-winning Portland artist Chelsea Stephen. All the books are 50+ pages long, and thematically organized: 'Family Dynamic' is about the family issues inherent in commercial fishing; 'Every Boat Has a Wave' is about risk and survival; 'Illusions of Separateness' speaks to politics and the environment; 'Making Waves' is written solely by women in the fishery, and deals with the issues women have that originate from working in a male-dominated profession; 'For the Love of Fish' discusses the love (and hate) of the work; 'Gathering' is about the community commercial fishermen work within; and 'Mending Holes' is about the history of commercial fishing. To find out more information about the individual books or to order, go HERE.

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