Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jessica on April First

It's been a couple of years since I tried NapoWrimo, the poem-a-day challenge for April, National Poetry month. Last year I was battling back and eye problems, and working hard on the FisherPoets anthology I edited. This year I am healthier and have far less on my plate, so I'm giving it a shot again. This morning I had a visit right before I woke from a former student and friend who was killed in a car crash three years ago. Been thinking about her all day. It would be just like her to pull a stunt like this on April Fool's.

Jessica on April First

Before I awoke this morning
I opened a bathroom door,
and walked in on you. You stood,
ducked your head, and closed
the door again. Realizing
my mistake, I laughed, turned
away, and waited. I had to go,
and hadn’t known you were in there.
You opened the door and came out,
smiling as we both apologized. Before
I realized in my dream who I was
talking with, before I remembered
you are three years dead, I closed
the door a second time. When I opened
my eyes you were gone. After I awoke
and took care of my need, all I wanted
was to go back to sleep and talk
some more. Just a few more moments
with you, smiling, ducking your head,
before I awake.

Before I awake with you, smile,
duck your head, just a few more
moments, all I want is to talk, go
back to sleep. I open my eyes, you
are gone. A door closes a second time.
I recall You are three years dead. Who
am I talking with? A door opens, you
come out, smiling. I didn’t know you were
there. Didn’t realize my mistake. Turn

away, wait again. Before I awake, this.

1 comment: said...

Good morning, Patrick! Your poem captures the zone between sleep and waking reality...what some refer to as lucid dreaming, a portal where anything is possible, even visits from those who've passed. You're off to a good start with NaPoWriMo, which I'm happily doing, as well. Have fun!