Sunday, April 28, 2013

First Birthday for Ella

Here's day twenty-eight's: submission for NaPoWriMo (a poem a day for the month of April in honor of National Poetry Month)

First Birthday for Ella

You stick out your tongue
smiling, wag it in and out.
“Blablablablab,” you say,
and I answer, “lahbahlabahlabah.”

We collapse into laughter
for a breath until you purse your lips
“Pftftfbtttt!” And I’m right there with you,
motoring my lips until they connect
with the side of your neck
as I lift you from my lap.

You arch your back and squeal
and I am filled with delight.
You point at me and pinch your lips tight:
I nod. This is indeed delicious.

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