Friday, April 26, 2013

Under the Weather

Here's day twenty-six's: submission for NaPoWriMo (a poem a day for the month of April in honor of National Poetry Month):

Under the Weather

What a deceptive phrase.
Under which weather?
Sunny? Rainy? Windy?
Under the fog we had this morning?
And why ‘under’ it?
Wouldn’t it make more sense
to be ‘within’ bad weather?
Or ‘caught up’ in the crappy climate?

It would be easy to write
a depressing poem tonight,
as the cold, flu, or whatever
this is reaches into my mouth
with long, ragged fingernails
and rakes the back of my throat.

It is joined by a compatriot,
who clamps off my sinuses
with slow-turning vice-grips in one hand,
while the other pounds a hammer on my temples.
“Shut the door, you guys!” I cry in vain
as chills race down my spine.
But the wind continues its low whistle
as they turn their attention
to stretch each joint and muscle
until even my skin aches.

I could write about the failings
of the body, this temporal curse,
that never is as dependable
as we’d like to make it seem.
Or the fragility of any current state of being –
health or love or depression: how change
is the only constant. this too shall pass.

But I’m feeling sick tonight.
And I’m just not up to it.

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