Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Solstice Again

Here's day nine's submission of NaPoWriMo (a poem a day for the month of April in honor of National Poetry Month). This one is a little early, but it's for  a competition I'm entering:

Solstice Again

A swing in space
trapped in this orbit
circles within circles
bounded by billions of stars

there, and there and there
each one alone
   on fire,
as if worlds around them
depended on it.

The cold rock that rises
on the eastern horizon
mirrors only reflected light,
makes poets turn pen to page,
lovers move close,
wolves howl.

On the other side of this giant
the fiery ball

We sit in the dark
awaiting the dawn -
the slow painful roll of a planet
cradling blue water against impossible odds.

Here, breathe this air,
measure everything:
the height of the tides,
the speed of the wind;
  - the length of the days -
mark them
against our own.


Patty Kinney said...

Nice one, Patrick. My breath changed reading it.

Dixonphoto said...

Thanks, Patty. Just rewrote it today. Glad you like it.

Jeremy said...

Pat, Nice! Much nicer than mine that began, "There once was a moon from Nantucket".......