Saturday, June 8, 2013

World Ocean Day

I was browsing the internet tonight for a poem topic, and discovered today is World Ocean Day. The post asked why the ocean meant so much to us. This is what followed:

World Ocean Day

I made a film once
about commercial fishing
and what it’s like to be
on a small boat on a great big ocean.

I had no idea
when I started in the industry
what I was doing,
or how to do it.

The soundtrack was all engines and waves
shitty radio deck speakers and whining hydraulics,
but I muted all the real-life noise
and covered it with an aria and a piano.

I wanted to make looking out the window
at the sea as transcendent as the feeling
I had inside my own head when I was there,
each wave beneath the keel the pulse of a planet,
my own heart filling with salt water.

When I listen to that aria like I am now,
I close my eyes, look out the window and see waves.

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