Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Kiss

Not sure if this is done yet, but it's the first Pantoum I've ever attempted:

Vignette While Driving

Sunlight on their smiling faces
they sat rubbing shoulders on the summer grass
under a bright bus stop sign
as I drove by on my way to somewhere else.

They sat, shoulders touching on summer grass
sharing a moment that made them laugh
as I drove away toward somewhere else
I saw her soft smile and bend toward him.

Sharing a moment of laughter
I caught them there, a vignette of hope and love,
she bent toward him with a soft smile,
and brushed away a strand of hair that had fallen on her face.

I caught them there, a snapshot of hope and love
reflected in their smiles and their youth,
she brushing a strand of hair from her face,
he turning for the kiss that waited there.

I saw myself reflected in their smiles and youth
and remembered as I drove away to somewhere else,
I, too, once turned for an anticipated kiss,
soft as a smile on the summer grass.

1 comment:

Kevin Schrier said...

Beautiful, Pat. I could really feel this one as I read it.