Monday, June 17, 2013

News from Home

Facetiming with my best friend tonight about the midwest pushed me home for this one. Thanks, Marc.

News from Home

The news from home is disturbing.
The summer is hot and muggy,
and the cicadas are louder than usual.
The sidewalks fill with folks after dinner,
and they all stop and visit about the weather.
The thunderstorms seem worse this year,
and there was a tornado touch-down
in the next county last week that leveled
a farmer’s barn. The kids are all out of school now,
and a few of them took tomatoes
from Mrs. Parson’s garden and were caught
throwing them at cars coming off the Davis Street bridge.
The Eel river is lower than usual, despite all the rain,
but the quarry out at Kenneth has cool, clear water like always.
The corn is coming up good, and should be well above
knee-high by July 4th. The perch are bigger than ever at Bass Lake.
The swimming pool has seen  record numbers of kids for the month,
and June isn’t even over. The parents are going to petition the city council
for renovations to it during the next meeting, and have already
put ads in the paper and even on the internet.
The high school is hosting the state basketball camp
this summer. Our team is expected to do really well next season.
The lightning bugs are almost gone, but now the mosquitoes are bad.
It’s supposed to be hot and muggy again tomorrow.

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