Monday, June 24, 2013

Bright Days

This is nothing new

I used to look out the window
through the screen to the street below
and dream of the one true love
I would find – someone who would take me
away from the endless, trapped days
and nights filled with longing  – no knight
in shining armor, I.  And I thought I found her
on a blanket under an oak my freshman year in college,
and again in my junior year to the woman I married,
only to discover that wasn’t right either.

I had to travel to Alaska to meet her. It wasn’t always smooth.
She took a long time convincing me she was on my side.
Even though she beats me mercilessly at cribbage,
together we fell in love with our two sons, now grown men
and we get to do it again, with the granddaughters
that swirl around our feet these bright days,
and dance us exhausted and full. 

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